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RFQ:    1. Compared to other insulation material, the advantages of Ten-lead phenolic foam insulation

 are showing as follows:

Excellent fire-resistance, non-combustible
Low smoke
High temperature anti-variability
Excellent insulation performance

Ten-lead Phenolic VS XPS, EPS, PU/PIR
No flame on fire
No toxic smoke
No droplets

Ten-lead Phenolic VS rockwool, glasswool, mineral wool:

Excellent insulation performance
Safe and environmental friendly
No Skin irritation
Not Carcinogenic

2. As new high-tech fire-resistance insulation material, Ten-lead phenolic foam boards are widely

applied in the following construction fields:

Exterior insulation

HVAC duct system
Steel structure/clean room/roof thermal insulation
Hot & cold water pipe insulation/LNG pipeline/oil pipeline/storage tank cold insulation
Solar panel insulation
Fire door
Cabinet fan 
Other where need fire-resistance and good insulation

3. How to read the prospect of the phenolic foam in future?

Currently, a lot of building fire happened due to the using of flammable decorative insulation

material(like exterior insulation, air duct, EPS-CORED sandwich panel),Ten-lead phenolic foam

boards are well-known for it's excellent fire-proof performance and are widely used in many

construction fields,  also phenolic foam are recoganized for the green foam, lower water-absorption

rate, fast construction to replace the traditional rockwool, glasswool in many fields, Phenolic also

can be used long time under temperature of -250℃~150℃, no deformation, no shrink and no

flame spread on fire, and replace PU, XPS in many fields, thus phenolic foam is a potential new

products, will gain a very bright tomorrow in future.

4. Will Phenolic foam do harm to environment and human body?

Ten-lead phenolic insulation material is a new type of green energy-saving and environmental insulation materials,

no flame on fire, no release of toxic gases. Our products are already in USA SGS and UK BS registered list.

Big Bang news:

Ten-lead new star products---Neutral phenolic foam are ready to offer and serve our clients in future,

to ensure same life period with building and say no to corrosion for ever.

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