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Zero-energy consumption container house

Project background

The building of Islands, plateaus, cold and hot areas are difficult to meet the living comfortable requirements due

to poor environment and limited construction conditions.




Common container house has advantages like fast construction, earthquake resistance, portable, lower cost

but as well as with poor thermal-proof and short life period and poor comfort.

“ Passive house” is the new trend of future residential building, it come from Germany, is kind of high comfortable,

lower energy and enomical energy saving architecture technology which is acceptable by global construction team, 

the principle is decrease the heat loss of the building as far as could, so that no need heat supply or cold supply 

actively and mainly by using energy saving design and perfect insulation and air-tight performance, and consider from architecture insight to get natural heat from sun, light, human body, and 

electronic parts, to realize and maintain a room temperature 20~26 degree and keep a high comfortable in-door. 

We combine the container house with passive house technology and developed new zero energy saving

container house, it also called “passive container house”. 

 Product introduction


Our new zero energy saving container house can be processed to portable hotel, portable commercial plaza,

bar, special restraurant, villa, troop used dormitry and evertemperature storage house etc.




Also, we can design the products according to different requirements like size, profile and function.

Current  size can be available:

A : 9*3*3m
B : 8*3*3m
C : 6*3*3m

Products Features:

1 ultra-efficient thermal insulation performance(PF phenolic foam / VIP vacuum insulation board)
2 Hollow glass and insulated bridge window & frame system
3 Hot and cold bridge problem can be avoided 
4 customer made container frame, with a width of 3m, more suitable for living
5 Using keel plus calcium silicate board (or gypsum board) as interior wall structure
6 Using wall cloth as interior decoration or customized
7 Excellent sound insulation performance
8 Comfortable temperature, more energy saving than ordinary residential building
8 Solar power generation / wind power generation system can be available 
9 Movable and shipped after finishing decoration 
10 Against typhoons, against salt spray aging 




High thermal performance container house series


According to the requirements of the centralized and electronic hotel, This product designed and use

customer made container house as cell, inner layer use high performance fire-resistance insulation

material as fillling layer, and silicate boards as inner protection layer, anti-cracking & waterproof wall

cloth as inner decorative facing, so that to get maximum indoor space to place the household facilities.
In addition, this product designed the overall landing glass windows, can perspective sea view

all-weather, the whole room looks nice, not only improve the hotel grade, but also allow passengers

have zero distance contact with sea.
This product can fully meet the needs of residents not only from the economy and comfort,, but also

save energy greatly. This kind of thermal insulated container house meets the pursuit of comfort

that human living habitat.


Standard outer size:8m(L)*3m(W)*3m(H)
Inner size(about):7.70m(L)×2.70m(W)×2.58m(H)
Complete set weight: 5500-6000kg
Requirement of energy saving:more than 75%

Thermal conductivity of complete house:0.8w/m2k
Average annual heat or cold energy consumption:≤1100 kwh/year
Maximum daily cold or heat energy consumption:5-8 kwh/day
Applied area: Hot in summer and cold in winter or hot in summer and warm in Winter.







Passive Energy Storage Container House Series (Solar energy House Series)

This product is a well designed energysaving, comfortable, environmentally friendly passive energy

storage container room on basis of German passive housing standards, mainly for cold area or high

cold and high hot in tropical areas. hina JGJ26-2010.

This product takes highstrength livable containers as the carrier and designed and assembly.

High Efficient thermal insulation measures - the heat transfer coefficient (Uw value) is as low

as 0.15w / m2.k, to ensure that the energy saving efficiency rate is more than 85%. With the same

requirements of German passive room, and class 1 standard of the international refrigerator

industry. It also suitable for the requirements of the fully solar energy system which area hot in

Summer and cold in Winter or hot in summer and warm in winter.


Standard outer size:8m(L)*3m(W)*3m(H)
Inner size(about):7.65m(L)×2.65m(W)×2.55m(H)
Complete set weight: 6500-7000kg
Requirement of energy saving:more than 85%
Thermal conductivity of complete house:≤0.15w/m2k
Average annual heat or cold energy consumption:≤720 kwh/year
Maximum daily cold or heat energy consumption:3-5 kwh/day
Applied area: high cold weather or tropical areas






 Zero Energy Storage Container House Series


Zero Energy Storage Container House Series (fully Solar energy system House Series)

These energy saving, comfortable and environmental friendly container house were aimed and designed

for high cold and high hot area(like north west, north east, Nansha island). We have engaged in cryogenic

 fields insulation work( -196℃)since 2003, and we offered the insulation materials for ultra-low temperature

 refrigerator( -70℃) since 2008, we entered “World Solar Decathlon” many times since 2009, and refer

 to “ energy saving design standards of residential building in high cold and cold area” of

JGJ26-2010 to offer the materials.

It takes high-strength containers as the carrier and assembly. High efficient thermal insulation

measures used in enclosure structure, the heat transfer coefficient (Uw value) is as low as

0.085~0.10w / m2.k, which higher than the requirements of Germany passive house, and meet

the requirement of the cryogenic refrigerator, can fully suitable for the requirements of the

solar energy system.


Standard outer size:8m(L)*3m(W)*3m(H)

Inner size(about):7.60m(L)×2.60m(W)×2.50m(H)

Complete set weight: 7500-8000kg

Requirement of energy saving:more than 90%

Thermal conductivity of complete house:≤0.10w/m2k

Average annual heat or cold energy consumption:≤360 kwh/year

Maximum daily cold or heat energy consumption:2-3kwh/day

Applied area: high cold areas and high heat areas





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