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Phase change material



Fujian earth building works warm in Winter and cool in Summer, how does it achieve that?




Fujian earth building was made of local rammed raw soil, the foundation width of the wall is 3

meters, the bottom wall thickness is 1.5meters, the structure above layer was followed by narrowed layer,

the top wall thickness is also not less than 0.9meters. The thick wall has super thermal storage and

constant temperature capacity, to ensure the earth building are warm in Winter and cool in Summer,

which providing people with a comfortable and healthy living environment.


That is, the phase change material will absorb the heat when the temperature is high than it's

phase transition point(melt and store the heat process) the temperature is no long rise or less

 rise; when the temperature drop below the phase transition point, reverse phase transformation

(solidification and release heat process), phase change material can restore the original

 phase structure, then release the heat to work. Phase change energy storage material can

exchange energy with the external environment (absorb heat from the external environment

or release heat to the external environment) during the physical properties changing process

so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the environment temperature and utilizing energy.


Principle of phase change energy storage




Product Category


 1. High performance phase energy storage board

 2. High performance phase hange powder




Products features:


1. the product has a phas change temperature of 25℃(other temperature can be specified according

    to requirements), the catual storage capacity (including a certain range of sensible heat value) is 120KJ/kg,

    with high energy storage capacity, the density of the board is about 1000kkg/m3, the thickness is 5/m mm;

 2. The products can be cut in processing, non-toxic and harmless, can be widely used in the construction field;

 3. Phase change material use phase transition paraffin, with good cycle stability, no overfooling and

      precipitation phenomenon;

 4. Stable nature, environment-friendly, long service life.

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